XG Sciences, Inc. manufactures and sells engineered nanomaterials and products to customers around the world. The company is a pioneer in the field of graphene particles and has been manufacturing a new type of carbon nano-particle that called xGnP® graphene nanoplatelets since 2009. It currently offers this material in the form of a bulk powder, or in the form of dispersions or precursors for conductive inks, electrode materials, films, papers or coatings.  It also works with plastics compounders or other material suppliers that use the materials as additives to improve the strength, electrical, thermal or barrier properties of composites.

Founded in 2006, XG Sciences’ initial technology came from Michigan State University, where it was developed with funding from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation as well as various government agencies. Subsequently, XG Sciences has become known for its proprietary, low-cost manufacturing technology that allows the production of high-quality graphene nanoplatelets at virtually any scale. Global production partners such as Cabot Corporation and POSCO have licensed XG Sciences’ production technology for their own use in producing graphene materials. XG Sciences is a private corporation, registered in Michigan, whose shareholders include private investors as well as two corporations – Hanwha Chemical Corporation and POSCO.

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Website: xgsciences.com
E-Mail: info@xgciences.com
Phone: (517) 703-1110

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