Since its inception in 2007, Capital Community Angel Investors’ members have invested in a number of startup or early stage companies.

Since its inception in 2007, Capital Community Angel Investors’ members have invested in a number of startup or early stage companies. The markets covered are diverse ranging from nano materials and life sciences to consumer products. Each offered a unique approach to solving current problem to customers in the United States and globally.

Please review the highlights below or link to the portfolio companies websites to learn more about these exciting ventures.

Ablative Solutions

Developing a safe, out-patient renal denervation in the treatment of hypertension and other diseases resulting from overactive sympathetic nerve activity.


Leading the coming revolution with a non-invasive, non-thermal surgery that will reduce patient trauma and healthcare costs across multiple indications.

Varsity News Network

The all-in-one communications suite for high school athletic directors. Their technology automatically syncs schedules, game results, articles, photos, forms, and alerts as athletic directors manage the things they already do everyday.


Avegant’s Glyph is mediawear, a new category of personal entertainment technology designed with go-anywhere portability and amazingly precise video capability – for all types of content and device.

ONL Therapeutics

ONL is pioneering an entirely new approach to preserving sight. It is the first and only company focused on preventing the death of key retinal cells, including photoreceptors.

Accio Energy

Accio Energy is making distributed wind energy systems scalable, reliable and affordable with Aerovoltaic™ energy systems that directly convert wind energy to electricity without any moving parts. Accio Energy Aerovoltaic™ energy systems offer the low cost of big wind with the modularity and flexibility of solar. It’s a new direction in wind energy.


At Vestaron, scientists are unlocking the mystery of how spiders kill insects. Based on the natural venom produced by spiders, insecticides developed by Vestaron will offer a new generation of products to protect against insects while, at the same time, protecting the environment

BoroPharm, Inc.

BoroPharm was formed to develop and market chemical building blocks to organizations that utilize boron containing intermediates to produce marketable products with unique and functional characteristics.

XG Sciences

XG Sciences develops and produces advanced composites and multifunctional materials based on its xGnP™ brand graphene nano-platelets. It manufactures these nano-platelets through proprietary techniques that allow us to control their size and surface characteristics.