Accio Energy is developing a wind technology that requires no moving parts, will easily scale from small communities up to the largest offshore wind farm and will offer all of these benefits at utility competitive costs. Accio Energy’s Aerovoltaic™ wind energy systems provides a new direction in wind energy.

Aerovoltaic™ technology is an approach to wind energy that does not rely on electromagnetic effects to produce electricity from the wind’s kinetic energy, just as photovoltaic cells exploit photoelectric effects rather than electromagnetic principles. Aerovoltaic technology harvests energy by using the wind to move electrically charged particles against a voltage gradient. The electricity generated is fed directly to the grid or stored locally to provide energy on demand.

Accio Energy’s work is supported with funding from the National Science Foundation, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Michigan Public Service Commission.

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Website: accioenergy.com
E-Mail: info@accioenergy.com
Phone: 734-223-6377

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