There are a wealth of local, regional and national resources available to early stage ventures.

Michigan Small Business Technology Development Centers

The SBTDC provides a full range of services to growing businesses that includes not only strategic needs assessment (SNA) and market analysis but also ongoing strategy development, financial analysis and access to capital. Visit for more information.

Lansing Economic Area Partnership

Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) provides a variety of business start-up assistance to companies in the Lansing region.  See for resources and tools and for connections to business start-up consultants or other website resources.

The Hatch

The City of East Lansing has opened a new student business accelerator – The Hatch – located adjacent to the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) in the heart of downtown East Lansing.  The Hatch, in partnership with msuENet, is designed to host, encourage, cultivate and enable student entrepreneurs to grow their ideas through a creative, co-working environment.   Get started with help at

Technology Innovation Center

The Technology Innovation Center, also known as the TIC, is a business accelerator for technology startups and professionals in the Greater Lansing region.  It occupies 7,000 square feet of office space, which includes 15 standard offices, eight workstations, and three conference rooms.  Visit for more information

Angel Resource Institute (ARI)

The Angel Resource Institute (ARI) – formerly called the Angel Capital Education Foundation (ACEF) – is a charitable organization devoted to providing education, training, and information on best practices in the field of angel investing. ARI believes that the relationship between startup companies and their investors should be collaborative, and as a result, they have expanded their efforts to connect with the entrepreneurial community. Visit  for more details.

Kaufmann Foundation

The Kaufmann Foundation has a tremendous amount of information and resources related to entrepreneurial development.  Start with

Angel Capital Association

The Angel Capital Association (ACA) is the North American trade association of angel groups and private investors that invest in high growth, early-stage ventures. The Angel Capital Association provides professional development for angel groups and private investors. Information on angel investing is readily available to accredited investors who contemplate becoming an angel investor and joining a group.  ACA delivers services and benefits to support the success of ACA member portfolio companies and serves as the promotional voice for the North American angel community and the public policy voice for the US professional angel community. Access a wealth of resources at

 Michigan Economic Development Corporation

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation is a public-private partnership serving entrepreneurs along with many other constituencies. MEDC’s offering includes a number of business assistance services and capital programs for business creation, attraction and acceleration. Check out

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